The Beginning

Starting to branch out on your own is tough to say the least. WHO KNEW there were so many non therapeutic things attached to starting a private practice?! I sure didn’t or at least avoided thinking about that portion of starting a business.

From finding a spot that feels right, to developing and securing a business structure, to agreeing upon decisions with your business partner...there are so many things to consider when trying to carefully and thoughtfully build a practice that will best serve the community in which you want to thrive. It’s like you turn into a salesman which is in complete contrast to what you’ve been taught when helping and supporting people. Salesman, therapist...salesman, therapist. Where’s the balance? 

But then there comes a moment...when the pieces start to fall together and instead of only being navigated by feeling overwhelmed, you start to feel excited about the possibilities of building a foundation that you have total control over. Allowing you to drive the type of therapeutic services that inspire you.  Focusing on the communities and individuals that inspire you. The excitement has you convinced that the overwhelmed feelings will eventually subside and comfort will take over. Comfort in the investment you have created to therapeutically assist others; comfort in calling the shots; comfort in building your vision to thrive. 

Now this comfort doesn’t have us blind to the endless amount of work needed to sustain a thriving business BUT it does provide us hope and drive to push through the difficult times.

Rachael Zutty