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Kristen McCray, ATR, LPC

I am a Registered Art Therapist, in addition to a Licensed Professional Counselor. I strive to combine the creative experience with personal growth to enhance one's every day. (Pronouns: She/her/hers)

BA: Ceramics

MA: Art Therapy and Counseling

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I am a multiracial human being that is ambitiously focused on assisting others in their personal growth. Through a lens of community based enrichment in combination with creative self expression, I aim to support those in their life path. I have developed a lens of understanding that healing is a personal process. Working within the therapeutic arena has demonstrated that healing, growing and thriving is not a linear process but full of twists and turns that deserves equal support, space and time.

My approach is empathetically minded while utilizing a demeanor that is thoughtful, curious, relaxed and respectful to ones process of being authentically vulnerable. I hope to provide an environment (whether individually, within groups or in a collaborative workshop) that eases the stress and anxiety associated when approaching therapy. It is my hope that by adding the tool of creativity, there can be undiscovered growth and successful management of historical difficulties. It is my vision, as co-founder of Thrive, that creative effort can produce long-lasting change.

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Rachael Zutty, ATR-BC, LCPC

I am a board certified registered art therapist as well as a licensed clinical professional counselor. I am passionate about working with individuals whose life has been touched by trauma and vicarious trauma. (Pronouns:she/her/hers)

BFA: Painting

MA: Art Therapy and Counseling

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I am a queer, bicultural, first-generation Cuban-American born and raised in the Midwest. I have been enriched by purposefully surrounding myself with diversity. My personality is direct and approachable. Curiosity, humor and compassion are central. I approach therapy collaboratively and compassionately, drawing from cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented, and relationship-focused methods. I find that art making can assist with the physical impact of our daily stressors and can open up new and creative ways to see life’s challenges. I work in ways that are both supportive and challenging.