When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

- Eleanor brown


Our Mission

We are passionate about working with individuals whose lives have been touched by trauma. Our dedication to the value in our work informs our intentions throughout our organization; including fees, accessibility, and affirmation.

We work thoughtfully to build our therapeutic relationships as well as engage and committ in community partnerships.


replenish to thrive

Are you a therapist, teacher, nurse, ER doctor, trauma center surgeon, crisis center employee, an intern, or in any helping profession?  You may feel highly rewarded as well as emotionally exhausted from your work.  This is a normal part of the daily grind.  Managing your emotions while protecting those around you feels isolating.  You want to shield others from what you've learned and from what your clients have seen. This leaves little time or energy for your own care.  When asked about your day, do you say "it was fine" or "it was a day?" Do you use humor or cynicism to make it through? Although you know your work has deep meaning, guilt often creeps in when you think about how draining it can be.  You do not have to do it all alone. 

Our co-founder Rachael is passionate about helping you thrive beyond your vicarious trauma. She offers a group to process vicarious trauma as well as individual sessions by appointment. Meet her by clicking below. 


reflect for growth

Are you a processing a loss or traumatic event where you find it difficult to reconnect to who you are. Thrive Art Therapy thus offers a variety of 6 week focused groups on the idea of reconnecting to self past an impactful experience. Whether it is an unsettlement as a result of grief or loss or disconnect from self in response to an unforeseen trauma, our co-founder Kristen is excited to provide a space to creatively reconnect to who you can be after the impactful experience. 

In addition to offering creatively focused group therapy, Kristen offers individual sessions.

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